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Venue-Ability: Wango Tango at Dignity Health Sports Park

June 9, 2019

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending 102.7 KIIS FM Wango Tango. My friend and I had won first row tickets via calling in to the station. When I received the paper work following the win, it had stated tickets would be located in 1st 10 rows. This was concerning as my wheelchair would not fit in any row and if put on a isle seat, still risked a view as people stand up. Winning tickets to any assigned seated event is always going to be a questionable situation for ADA accommodations.

Seating/Bagging Inquiry: Knowing these tickets could be anywhere on the floor, I had a friend call the Dignity Health Sports Park where the festival would be held to see what accommodations they offer. The box office staff was kind and assured my tickets would be exchanged for front row seats with a no block view. Another concern was the clear bag policy.  I am a fan of the policy, as bringing in such a rule provides a safer environment for all attending. The concern was my medical supplies I would be carrying in a non-clear bag. The box office kindly transferred the call to the head of security who cleared my bag.

Arrival/Parking: Parking of plenty. The lots surrounding the stadium had more then plenty of allotted ADA parking. Parking was $20 and staff directed and moved cones for easier access to the spaces. We had parked near the Wango Tango Village held in a section of the parking lot. The Village was right near the main box office and gate into the stadium, making the journey from parking to festivities a easy route. Access to the box office was also easy and we picked up our tickets and floor wristbands.

Seating: My day started off at the free Wango Tango Village. When going through bag check I was stopped as my medical bag wasn’t clear and needed to be tagged. Only a selected few of the security team was allowed to clear non-clear bags. Security was never able to reach anyone for the Village and I was cleared to go with no tag after 6-7 min. Once in the Village, we made our way to the stage. I asked a staff member where the ADA section was and was told there wasn’t one. The space for the crowd was standing only, fully blocking any view, even from the back. Luckily a friend of mine was who was managing an artist at the Village was able to get my guest and I a spot in the sound booth section which had a good view.

After the Village we headed to the main gate where security informed us we would be let in first. When going through bag check, the security radioed for a tag for my medical bag. The bag was quickly tagged and we were on our way to our seats. Staff was able to guide us to the elevators that accessed the floor in a swift manner. Once out of the elevator we made our way down a restricted hallway escorted by security. Once on floor level, head of security told my friend our tickets had to be exchanged for floor ADA. He pointed her in the direction to reach the ADA exchange booth on the main level. Our tickets were quickly exchanged and security stood by me to make sure I was taken care of. We were then escorted to our seats. A security member even insisted pushing me and carried and extra chair for my friend. We were given additional wristbands stating we were floor ADA so we wouldn’t run into any issues once leaving our seats. We were right up front. The row being off centered from the official front row, leaving a absolute perfect view of the entire stage and cat walk. These were the best seats I have ever had at a festival. The security of our section asked if we needed anything and kept an eye on the space between us and the barricade so no-one would stand there blocking views. Even with the row behind/next to me standing, I still had a clear view. The closer of the show was Taylor Swift and security informed me things would get crazy. That said, I was told I could sit right against the barricade so my view wouldn’t be obstructed. A good call as there were people dancing everywhere and was too much for security to control. It was nice to be in such a ginormous space with so much going on and not have to worry about a thing.

Navigation: Navigating to the bar locations, merch booths, food and bathrooms/first aid was pretty simple. Space was vast once on the main level where most merch booths, bathrooms, food and bars were located, leaving plenty of space for lines and navigating around. There was even food trucks/stands on the floor it self. Staff escorted us to first aid at one point in the night, who also were very accommodating.

In the end I was overjoyed with the accommodations and helpful staff in the stadium. Had one the best times there. My only reason for the mark down was for not having ADA accommodations with-in the Village.  In the future, would be cool to see a section for ADA even if it is first come first serve in the Village.

Here’s too more accessible venue life at future Wango Tango festivals.


Venue-Ability Rating: 4/5