Hello Lovlies!

Welcome! First off let me say thank you for visiting my blog. I started this venture with the intention to share, inspire and grow. I reached a point in my life where I thought it was time to be more of a open book. Share my experiences. The highs. The lows. Hopefully my stories help others, and show there’s life beyond the chair.

So what happened?

When I was 16 I was in a rollover car accident which left me a partial Quadriplegic (Tetraplegia). I shattered C5, fracturing C4 and C6. I lost complete use of my legs, torso, hands and partial arm control. I and 3 others were on a road in the hills when the car did not make the turn, resulting in tumbling bumper to bumper 5 times until it rested in a field below. I was still in the vehicle completely paralyzed, with minimal breathing. The others I was with fled, leaving me there. Luckily a gentleman from a neighboring residence raced over to the scene. With the dust still unsettled, and my respiratory affected, I still was able to barley get the words out “I can’t breathe”. You know that saying “If injured do not move a person until paramedics arrive”? He realized we were beyond that, carefully removing me from the wreckage. Even though he held my neck in his hands, my head softly resting on his lap, I laying completely still, being 16 and in shock, thought I was fine. I was in and out between the ambulance ride to surgery and can barley tell you anything once rescued, but I will tell you once I came to after surgery, I knew then how serious my injury was. I layed there, my mom holding my hand that I could see, but not feel with a halo brace holding my neck in place. The only thing I could think of right then was I was laying completely still just as I was before rescue, and that, that was when I knew the extent of my injury.

Now that that is out of the way! Let me tell you what I have been up to since then.

I am a avid concertgoer. I attend television taping’s regularly. I put my creativity into graphic and web design and focus into web development. I train twice a week at The Perfect Step Paralysis Recovery Center. I go out with my friends. I travel to other countries. I do a lot of things you probably do. If I can, you can and that is what I hope this blog will share and inspire!


P.S. Never stop laughing!

Photos: Andee Freytag