Venue-Ability: Troubadour

March 25, 2019

A few weeks ago I attended a Bryce Vine concert at legendary LA spot Troubadour.  I have a attended a few shows here and have raved about the accessible seating they provide.

Seating Inquiry: Knowing this night was a sold out show, I didn’t want to take any chances. A few days before I visited the venues website to see if any prior arrangements could be arranged. I then easily navigated to the venues FAQ page and scrolled to their Additional assistance information for patrons with disabilities section which provided a email address to reach out to in regards of seating. The info listed also informed on other needs they could try to accommodate.

[If you are in need of additional accessibility regarding seating or wheelchair access, please contact us in advance of the show so we may best accommodate your needs. If you are in need of additional accessibility regarding a sign language interpreter we request that you contact us with in a minimum of 5 days in advance of the show date in order for us to be able to try to meet your needs.]

The reply back was quick. They had reserved a spot in their allotted accessible seating section and even gave the name of the floor manager in case of needed assistance. The email also provided further information on accessible bathrooms and bar. This was one of the most quickest and informational email replies I have received from a venue.

Arrival/Parking: Venues in and around Hollywood are mostly street or paid lot parking. Here was no different. This is LA though, do we really expect easy parking? No. Luckily any person with a valid Disability Placard can park at no coast at any meter. Their is loads of meter parking around the venue. We found a nice spot just around the corner and only had to travel a block from the car. I am able to find close meter parking when visiting the Troubadour around 90% of the time.

After visiting will call, which was easy to roll up to, I asked security at the door for the floor manager. My guest and I were promptly taken care of, tickets scanned, wrist-banded and escorted to the accessible seating section. Security and staff were nice and assertive. While being escorted, I was told where I could access the bathrooms, merch tables and bar.

While being a no re-entry policy venue, I unfortunately left my jacket in the car and when my guest explained to security that I needed my jacket for regulate temperature reasons they kindly granted her re-entry.

Seating: The Troubadour is a intimate venue with a standing room only main floor and secondary seated and standing VIP balcony. Venues like these on sold out nights can become a tight squeeze. Usually in these situations crowds puzzle piece in around me and at times the force moves my chair. It happens. Small venue life. However was not the case here. The section was not only spacious, but the crowd were not squeezed in around me. There was room for other wheelchair users as well for my guest. Rather then being eye level with stage I had a close full stage unobstructed view. It was a dream, and honestly the best accessible seating for a small venue I have seen.

Navigation: Navigating to the bar, merch tables and bathrooms was a breeze. When entering the venue, there’s a straight shot up a slight incline ramp through a second doorway to the accessible seating section. Before the second door to the stage floor there is a accessible friendly room off to the left. This room shares it’s space with a bar, merch tables and accessible bathroom. While bar and merch spaces can get a bit of traffic, I found it easy to navigate around. I did not need to visit the bathroom, but was able to enjoy time with friends in this space and purchase merchandise.

Overall my time there and assistance was far exceeded! Which is why I chose this venue as my first choice to review. Start off on a high-note and show there is hope in a accessible venue life.


Venue-Ability Rating: 5/5

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