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The Perfect Step Re-Grand Opening

May 11, 2018

On April 7th, 2018 we all got together to celebrate the re-branding of Project Walk Claremont to the Perfect Step!

A big day this was for not just the TPS team and Claremont Club, but for the clients as well. The facility got a expansion and make over, the G-EO System was introduced, and new opportunities arose. The staff lined up on the steps for the anticipated ribbon cutting as owner Hal Hargrave and Claremont Club owner Mike Alpert gave outstanding speeches on the expansion, accomplishments, and strives for care the facility provides. While the speeches were lighthearted, a heavy feeling of respect and gratitude swept across the lot of attendees. TPS does more then paralysis recovery, the staff there is like a new family. Clients come in feeling welcomed, equal, and un-judged. This resonated throughout the event that morning. After the ribbon cut concluded staff, clients and guests piled in to the expanded felicity. Guests got to see the new G-EO in action. The only system on the west coast! They got to learn more about what the felicity offers and does for so many people. We weren’t just celebrating the success of TPS, we were also celebrating the lives the team there has changed for the better. Food, morning coffee from TRB Coffee and vendors strung throughout offering insight to companies such as NuMotion, Ground Therapy, U2 Mobility, Cycle QMX and the Triumph Foundation. The Rolletts dancer and former client Chelsie Hill was also there to support, and showcased the Tek RMD. The Tek RMD gave her standing freedom while being able to roll wherever with it’s derivable system. Want to inquire about the Tek RMD contact: jay.bloomfield@numotion.com

The day was an amazing coming together of old and new paving the way to a promising future for TPS!

Be sure to watch the video below on the then to now!

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